About us:

Meet the heads behind Real Japanese Gardens. 
Keizo Hayano, a Japanese garden designer with 20 years experience under his belt. He studied the fine arts in Kyoto and loves small intimate gardens that heal the soul.

Jenny Feuerpeil is a German garden designer who came to Japan hoping to soak up the essence of Japanese design. She loves everything with a rough texture, the boldness of stone arrangements and dry landscape gardens.

Anika Ogusu is a German gardener with a deep interest in japanese gardens and culture.
She looks at things from every possible angle and tries to find new perspectives.

Our Vision:

We want people in and outside of Japan to not only enjoy the beauty of Japanese gardens, but also understand where they come from and why they were built. Even more, we want the world to see the real Japanese garden culture behind guide books and picture perfect gardens. If more people around the globe learn to understand and love Japanese gardens, we hope that also Japanese people will rediscover the Japanese garden tradition.

We firmly believe in what is called Onko-chishin (温故知新) in Japanese – creating new things and discovering new truths by learning from history and tradition. We have the rare privilege to study Japanese garden culture on our job and it is our goal to share with others what we were allowed to learn.

Contact us:

Visit our Homepage for more information www.japanesegardens.jp

Also feel free to visit us in Social Media!


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