New eBook! Rikugien Garden

With our eBook about the Rikugien garden, we almost reached the last eBook of our series about famous gardens in Tokyo!


When researching the gardens in Tokyo, you never find one garden is like the other, although most of them were built during the Edo period.
However, with later reconstructions and remodeling phases, each garden gained a very special touch.

Rikugien is a garden dedicated to Waka poetry. Although the Iwasaki family made some changes while they owned the garden, there are still a lot of the remaining structures visible.
The garden is not only dedicated to Waka poetry, it is also connected to Wakayama prefecture and especially Wakaura, the region around Wakaura bay.


Read about all the sights in our eBook, which copy famous sights of the Wakayama prefecture, and read a little bit about Waka poetry connected to this garden!

Learn about the several Tea houses of Rikugien and how the bridges refer to poetry.
See the stone settings, which are built during the Edo period, and learn how Iwasaki added his own style to them.

As always, you can not only learn about the garden in this eBook, but also about Japanese history and culture!


In our eBook, you will find information on every garden highlight with explanations and scenic photographs.


Get your copy of our 20 page eBook about Rikugien Garden, delivered in pdf and mobi, for only 1.95$!

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