Rainy season in Japan

Rainy season is no favorite traveling season in Japan.

Here are 8 reasons why you should visit Japan during the rainy season!

① Everyone avoids Japan.
① The sightseeing spots are not that crowded.
① Hotels and flights might be cheaper than in seasons like Sakura season or autumn leaf season.
① It is not too cold and not too hot.
① There are still not as many mosquitoes as in summer and autumn!
① It is not raining every day, you might get a week full of sunny weather!

① The Hydrangea bloom is wonderful! You should visit famous Hydrangea spots! (But be sure to visit on a rainy day. It is crowded otherwise..)

① Japanese gardens are most beautiful in rain!
The green is shining, the moss is green and you will have a very special atmosphere.

It is hard to explain… But when you once sat down in a tea house at the open door and watched the garden while rain dropped on the roof and created a soothing sound, you will know what I mean.
So what.. I love the rainy season!

You should try!

Places to visit (in Tokyo and Kanagawa + Shimoda):
Meigetsu-in in Kamakura (Kanagawa)
Kaisei town (Kanagawa)
Hakusan-jinja (Tokyo)
Toshimaen (Tokyo)
Shimoda-city Ajisai-koen (Shizuoka)

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