Working on a snowy day in Tokyo

Real Japanese Gardens is very close connected with an Exterior Design company.

We are not only making the design plans, we also go to the construction places and help there.
I’m almost only going when the plants will be planted.

Before I talk about our last planting day, you should know, that I’m an “Ame-on’na”, a woman that attracts rain.
It is almost always raining when I work outside the office.
Last week, I had to realize, that I do not only attract rain, but also snow..
When I woke up on planting day and looked outside the window, everything was already covered in a fluffy white.

Pine in a private garden

Pine in a private garden

A shrine near by

A shrine near by

Of course I went outside in my best winter-working-clothes and took the train to the construction place.
Trains always are late in Tokyo during snow, so I arrived a little bit late, although I started earlier than planned..
And after I arrived?

We planted trees!
During snow…
That might be ridiculous to some people, but in Japan possible..
Our weather forecast is quite reliable and it predicted rain from noon. The next week it should be always above 0 degrees and the soil was not yet frozen.
So why not planting the trees?
But of course we were not able to plant the ground covers.
Around noon, it really started to rain and the next day all snow were gone.
We could finish our planting in two days.

Tree-planting during snow

Tree-planting during snow

Adding ground covers

Adding ground covers

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